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The outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) is spreading through our communities.

In the interest of safety, we are now conducting therapy appointments by telephone or HIPAA-compliant video.

The significance of the lotus flower, which symbolizes purity of heart and knowledge of mind, is the way the flower grows.    


From dark soil, beneath murky waters, a seed becomes a bud. It rises above the water’s surface, toward the light and blooms into a beautiful, fragrant flower.  Each lotus seed becomes a new beginning, growing in its own time. 


Like the lotus, we too, can emerge from darkness, grow and bloom. 


Mindful Heart Counseling Services offers a therapeutic supportive presence during your journey of learning skills to navigate life’s struggles and become your whole, best self. 


Let us accompany you on this self-exploration and discovery through grief, difficult times, challenging situations and conflicting relationships that can set us off course.


Let us help you bloom like the lotus, which slowly opens to display itself in all its natural strength and beauty. 


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Wholesome Health Presents:

Talking about Grief and Loss, a podcast

Fouzan has a conversation with Gae Savino and Linnie Pickering about Grief and Loss during the time of a Pandemic, and what we can do to help one another and ourselves.

Click the arrow below to play. Check out further resources and links HERE.

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Gae Savino, LCSW, CT


Mindful Heart Counseling Services

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